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I've been etching glass and mirrors for over 18 years, most of my artwork is hand done. Give me a call and we'll discuss the look you want and I'll design it. I'll show you a layout to be sure you get the look your going for. If your dealing with a Glass Company ask them about getting it etched, and or call me. It's a very messy process and needs to be done in the shop, before it's installed. I've been working with Quality Glass Company and Glass Designers in the area, Here's links to some of those company's or just give me a call or e-mail:

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Etching can transform any room, giving it a personal touch with both elegance and design. It's been found use full for obstructing the view the from outside, but still allowing the light in the room. Showers and Tub, Conference rooms. Also to promote a company name or to bring a theme to a room. Mostly used on glass and mirrors, I have found it can be use on many other items... Aluminum and stainless steel car parts, Drinking glasses, etc..